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Description   - Collection, quality-control, preprocessing, and management of geospatial data sets related to Natura 2000 sites. - Further development of a system to manage these data sets. - On-demand development of digital and hard-copy map products. - Support the analysis of these geospatial data for scientific purposes, into, among others, indicators related to Natura 2000 site condition and change.  

Added on 08 July, 2020

Your tasks: Administration of IT tools (Atlassian, Drupal); Development of scripts to automate tasks; Releases management; Incidents troubleshooting; Provision of expert advice on new tools’ design. Requirements University degree in IT or a related field with minimum 6 years of professional experience in Drupal administration and migration activities; Solid experience in Jira Atlassian; Hands-on experience in scripts development; Familiarity with Linux platforms; DevOps Tools and Web frameworks knowledge (Git, Jenkings etc.) will be considered as an asset.

Added on 08 July, 2020

Your tasks: Design BIRT reports, write and optimize associated SQL queries; Design User interface screens based on graphical studios (toolbox) and JavaScript; Analyse and implement new functionalities; Apply corrective maintenance to existing systems; Deploy new releases in different environments; Analyse, implement and maintain the database model; Write tests and technical documentation. Requirements Minimum 15 years of combined academic and professional experience in IT; Minimum 11 years of IT professional experience designing reports, writing associated SQL queries; Good knowledge of BIRT - minimum 6 months; Minimum 1 year of experience...

Added on 08 July, 2020

Description   The objective of this work is to develop and maintain the client's website while refining and implementing the related database structure. Contribute to the development of new features for the INFORM platform Supporting the project roll-out process, including fixing bugs and process bottlenecks Collaborating to resolve any scalability issues that impede agreed usage targets Review of the architecture of existing systems Design and development of architecture components and building blocks Analysis of the integration of different information systems Provide assistance during relevant parts of testing, an...

Added on 08 July, 2020