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Tasks: Setup and maintain collections of data from external sources such as websites and third party Databases; Define and create data flows to integrate data into systems and databases; Perform data validations and support the process of data quality management; Define, prepare, execute and test data transformations and data migrations; Support the development of metadata, defining new/updated data collections, data storage, data flows, data analysis and reporting; Support the data cleaning process by gathering requirements, implementing the cleaning, testing and validation of the cleaning tasks; Support the definition and production of outputs and support the production of high quality reports and outputs.

Added on 09 July, 2020

Your tasks: Manage and follow up on project life cycle phases (inception, elaboration, construction and transition); Support the preparation of the Business Case; Analysis of the business flows; Coordinate actions, projects, meetings, services with various stakeholders; Follow-up of the project plan and enforce the quality delivery on schedule; Project and technical supervision of the project team; Contribute to the creation and update of the strategic plans for customs and reporting; Manage and support the activities of the development team for the creation of BPMs at different level of detail as per the agreed BPM methodology. Requirements ...

Added on 09 July, 2020

Description Handover and familiarization with the application components to be maintained, relevant hosting environments, work organisation practices, code versioning practices etc Analysis, development and testing of core functionalities using best code practices  Knowledge transfer documentations and interviews with the team and applications' owners/users.  Functional and technical analysis of existing solution.  Application maintenance (corrective, adaptive and preventive) and implementation of user requirements in the existing applications  Migration and relevant duties to PHP and eUI  User Support: helping users and application administrators solving problems with the application and related data Contribution to Project Management    Qualifications  Bachelor Degree in IT or related field with a minimum of 6 years of...

Added on 08 July, 2020

Description     Development of the website (i-bex platform) which will embed o-tree software (and at a later stage be linked to Mechanical Turk and to PayPal) and will allow for online registration of new participants. Technical support for taking all necessary authorisations related to the platform.  Basic training in o-tree software Technical support to the BI experts for designing interactive experiments in o-tree. Supervising the online experiments during the experimental periods.    Qualifications

Added on 08 July, 2020

Your tasks: Architecture and design of information systems; Review of the architecture of existing systems; Design and development of architecture components and building blocks; Analysis of the integration of different information systems; Data analysis and data modelling; Coordination of the implementation of the technical architecture; Technical interface between the project leaders and the developers; Production of software architecture documents; Participation in technical working groups, progress meetings and meetings with the users; Assistance during relevant parts of testing, analysis, technical documentation, deployment, evaluation and reporting. Requir...

Added on 08 July, 2020

Description Assisting with the delivery of targeted direct e-communications campaigns using the appropriate digital channels; Support in the development of the intranet (SharePoint) page and the self-service portal for staff; Assisting in the further development and management and maintenance of the Client's Learning Management System; Capture knowledge through recordings and other initiatives and share them through the relevant web tools; Contribute in the digitalisation and automatisation of the L&D processes and workflows; Developing the LMS to shift towards competency-based learning; Qualifications Minimum 3 years of relevant education (bachelor degree or equivalent) after the secondary school. Minimum 6 years of relevant professional experience as Webmaster. Minimum 3 years of experience in web site management and suppo...

Added on 08 July, 2020

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